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25729 Tom McCauleys Rd – SOLD

Beaver Island, MI 49782 MLS #:452128



1012 sq. ft. small home about 10 years old and very well built with two accessory buildings, a steel-sided and roofed garage and pole barn of the same construction. These buildings are nicely located near the west end of the 21.75-acre parcel that has frontage on both McCauley’s Road and East Side Drive.

Parts of the acreage near East Side Drive can be wet in the spring but during the fall this acreage is perfect for deer, grouse, and snowshoe rabbit hunting. It’s one of the favorite spots on the Island that local people previously used for rabbit hunting.

The area around the house has been partially opened with very pretty views of both mature and seedling apple trees that are numerous in the area. More area could be cleared out for a garden area and/or more fruit trees and also clover areas for the deer, rabbits, grouse and turkey.

In other words, this 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom home could be a good hunting camp for a family or group OR a nice second home or retirement home for a couple. The porch addition on the south side of the house is a very wonderful area for sitting in the summertime and with the storm windows over the screens a very warm area to sit whenever the sun is out any other time of the year.

This home and its openings are secluded from the road and yet it’s close enough for easy access during the wintertime. An open trail goes north to the north side of the property from the house.

The three buildings and all the other improvements on this property would probably cost you $170,000 to duplicate today, so with the large acreage parcel this package is a good buy for someone at the asking price of

SALE PENDING $178,000.