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38160 Gull Island Dr. SOLD

Beaver Island, MI 49782


Deur Building/Apartment – 38160 Gull Island Dr28’ x 40’ building on Lot 558 of Port St. James Subdivision #7. This is a 110’ wide x 182.52’ deep lot with a structure on it. This offering, however, also includes an extra lot (#559) that is vacant except for part of the circle drive on these two lots. Lot 559 has 115’ on the road and is 137’ wide on its east side. The depth of the lot is an average of 181’. This structure and two lots are surrounded on three sides by Port St. James Association’s common land. There is a pond on the common land that is just southeast of Lot 558 that you can see from the apartment in the building. This building was set up to be a two-car garage plus a 448 sq. ft. apartment for guests for the main house that was to be built closer to the road. The well for the house and this guest house is closer to the road for the main house to easily attach to. The septic system is also installed and can be used for both the main house (to be built) and the existing apartment. The building that is on the property is super-insulated for electric heat with the second meter already installed for the reduced rate for electricity. It has a transfer switch already in place for the 5,000-watt generator. It has a very high-quality, super-efficient Marathon water heater, 200-amp electric service box, and very good wiring done by the owners of Beaver Island Electric for themselves. The 24’ x 28’ part of the building that is the garage part is already insulated and ready to be converted to additional living area. This garage part has a half bath in place and finished, and a small office area. It would not take much to convert this garage area into a larger living room-dining room area with a second bedroom. Since nothing can ever be built by other private parties anywhere near this two-lot setup, the location is like having your Beaver Island house in the middle of 40 acres of land. There’s no view of the lake from these lots but the spot called “Sunset Corner” with the Association beach on Donegal Bay is only about 1,000 feet away. You can walk or take your bike to the beach in just minutes. This would make a good starter house for a young couple or something that could be modified slightly to be a home for a small family, or it could remain as a garage/guest house for somebody wanting to build their own home on the lots at a later date. This setup has a lot of potential to be used in many different ways. All of the appliances and most of the major furnishing items will stay with the house. The owners do not have a mortgage on the property so with 20% down someone could buy it on a land contract from the owner at 5-1/2% interest. See the pictures of the interior and exterior of this place at in the “Inland Homes” category. Asking price $95,000.