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Parcel 2 of Fox lake Forest – SOLD

Beaver Island, MI 49782

Parcel 2 of Fox Lake Forest parcels

This 10.084-acre piece of acreage is just south of the intersection of West Side Road with Fox Lake Road on Camp #3 Trail very close to Fox Lake. It is on the east side of Camp 3 Trail with its south line against the big chunk of State land south and east of Fox Lake and Greene’s Lake. This is an ideal location for a summer home or a year-round retirement house, and is especially good for someone who wants to be off the beaten path and yet very close to the main road into town from the west side. Its location, however, makes it one of the best spots that you could have for a hunting camp. The southeast corner of this 10 acres touches the northwest corner of the Hoover family hunting camp (see the 2013 Wojan-Cashman Map of Beaver Island). It’s also an easy bicycle trip to Greene’s Lake or Fox Lake. Its west line which is the centerline of Camp 3 Trail allows you to go south and east on literally thousands of acres of State land that is prime hunting property. It is about 600 feet from the south line of this parcel to the big clear-cut that was done on State land a couple of years ago. Greene’s Lake Road, Government Tower Trail, Middie Perrone’s Trail, and Johnny Martin’s Trail are all public roads you can easily walk on from this parcel. It’s actually on the west side of a large “circle” of roads that you can walk or bike that goes around Fox Lake. You can travel all of these areas as a hunter but you and others in your family can also travel these trails as a birdwatcher, walker, jogger, photographer or nature enthusiast on a 4-1/2 mile circumference circle without ever being more than a mile from your home. The west side of this parcel where you would likely build your house is already partially open on the east side of Camp 3 Trail more than half of the length of the parcel. The eastern two-thirds of the 10 acres is hardwoods land.