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Ed Wojan

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About Ed Wojan

Ed Wojan is the longest licensed real estate Broker on Beaver Island; he started selling property full time on July 7, 1976.  He is the man who will handle your actual buying or selling.  Ed is a 5th generation Islander.  His mother’s family, the McDonoughs, came here in 1858 and his dad’s family came here logging in 1935.  Except for the four years he spent away at college Ed has lived and worked on the Island all his life.  His degree was in finance at the University of Detroit, but he took a lot of business law and marketing courses during his four years at the business college.  After finishing college in 1969 he worked in Detroit for one year while his wife Connie finished her last year at the University of Michigan.  Ed and Connie have three children.

With Bill Cashman, he did the first good map of the Island in 1977 and in July of 2006 he finished with Jeff Cashman, Bill’s son, the 2nd Wojan-Cashman map of Beaver Island.  It’s safe to say that no one knows Beaver Island and its properties better than Ed Wojan.  He has not only mapped it, but traveled it all his life and he has done most of the major lakefront subdivisions and most of the newer plats in recent years.

Ed has been a leader in setting up Beaver Island as a resort and retirement community.  He has also helped most governmental bodies and most of the Island’s organizations at one time or another with the real estate parts of their projects.

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