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31910 East Side Dr

Beaver Island, MI 49782 MLS #:455783


Frank Home – 31910 East Side Dr.

2,200 sq. ft. Cape Cod Style home with three bedrooms and two full baths on 150 feet of beautiful Sand Bay frontage. This home has a large deck area on the west and south sides of the house, with a very nice screened porch area on the east side of the structure. Painted Cape Cod Gray exterior but all wood paneling interior. There is a panoramic view of Lake Michigan to the east due to the open view on most of the 150 feet of land width plus the open area of the lake view of the house to the north. It has a limited access drive-in basement area for storage of the families’ boats, bicycles, paddle boards and other toys, plus storage for your summer time deck furniture, etc. Access to the basement is also via a set of stairs from inside of the house. The pine trees, juniper bushes, dune grass and natural dune flowers make the area around the house and the area between the house and shore just beautiful. With the land value at about a $190,000. you will be getting this house for a lot less then it would cost you to build it.

Owners anxious to sell over $40,000. worth of exterior updates this year - 2019! Owners asking price $325,000.