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37830 Lake Shore Rd

Beaver Island, MI 49782 MLS #:452296


Sowa Home - 37830 Lake Shore Rd.

2,250 square foot two story home with a beautiful panoramic view of Donegal Bay. This home has 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. It is a high-quality, meticulously constructed, energy-efficient, well thought out retirement home; anybody could live here and have everything they would need. There’s a covered porch on three sides of the house with good decks that are like new.

From the decks and from inside the house you see every bit of the beachline of Donegal Bay. There is a large living room on the first floor with a cathedral ceiling and entries to the home on the back (east) side of the house and an exit to the front decks off the west (lake) side of the living room. There is a half bath toward the entry side of the living room. There is a large stone fireplace in the center of the living room with full stone to the top of the cathedral ceiling; this is a double fireplace so that owners can enjoy the fire in the living room or the master bedroom. In front of the master bedroom and south of the living room is a wonderful sun room. It is set up to have a Jacuzzi tub installed if you want it as an extra room of the master bedroom. This sun room is now being used with chairs and telescope, etc. for viewing of the beach and the lake to the west. A full bath is on the inland side of the master bedroom. There is a very large kitchen with a multi-use hallway leading to a large, separate pantry just behind the kitchen. The front part of the large room west of the kitchen is a large dining room and sitting room area. There are two second-story guest bedrooms with a full bath between them. The northern upper bedroom is semi-private (partially open to the cathedral ceiling) and the southern bedroom is a private bedroom.

This house has something unusual that a lot of permanent residents or retirees would like: It has a fantastic full basement that provides a lot of area for storage but also two distinct work areas – one with a shop, bench, etc. It’s sort of like having his and hers work areas. The opening is in for an outside Bilco door access to the basement that is not currently being used. There is a central heat, dual fuel furnace in the basement; you can use either propane or fuel oil for your steady heat source, but you can also use wood in this furnace if you would like to. There are a lot of features too, not only in this basement but the rest of the house that you have to see to appreciate. There’s also a lawn equipment storage shed in the backyard.

This house has a replacement cost of over $580,000. With a lot of the personal property items that the seller could leave with house, she and her family think that their asking price is more than fair at $429,000.