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44650 Squaw Island Trail- SOLD

Beaver Island, MI 49782



SQUAW ISLAND and Lighthouse – 44650 Squaw Island Trail.

Seventy Acre Island with approximately two miles of shoreline. This Island is 5 ½ miles north of the Northwest tip of Beaver Island. It is about an eight mile boat ride from the docks in Beaver Harbor to the shore entry point on Squaw. A new 900 foot road to the Lighthouse starts at the landing point. Shallow draft boats can put their nose on shore, but deeper draft craft will send a dinghy or skiff to shore. Two moorings with buoys are being put in.

The Islands 70 acres is largely wooded land with primarily spruce, cedar, birch & balsam trees. It also has a lot of open beach area plus two newly opened view corridors. The Octagonal Light Tower and attached 2625 sq. ft. house with a total of 5 bedrooms (including the spare room) and no bathrooms makes up a well-built, massive structure. This 1892 red brick structure has on the first floor a large kitchen, separate dining room, large pantry, a sitting room and a “spare room” plus hallways to the base of the light. The second floor has four bedrooms. Two large chimney structures provide smoke-pipe connectors to all main rooms on both floors. In the 19th and 20th centuries coal was the fuel of choice; today you could heat with wood or fuel oil stoves. Liquid propane could also be used for a hot water heater and kitchen oven/range. One of the old wood stoves sits in the kitchen. The inside needs remodeling/restoration on both floors.

A second, wood frame, 1100 sq. ft., two-story building just about seventy five feet away from the lighthouse is being remodeled. It would easily be made into your summer home while renovation of the lighthouse is being done. This building – primarily called “The Sailors Quarters” but also “The Assistant Keeper’s House” has only one room other than the three bedrooms, but the first floor bedroom could be made into a living room. A new roof was recently put on the Sailor Quarters but new exterior siding is needed.

Broker, Ed Wojan has good plans for a Purchaser to do more restoration and improve the access to the Island. One option is to clear a little more of one of the current openings for a short take-off and landing strip for smaller airplanes. Paul Welke of Island Airways on Beaver Island says that he can shuttle parties and their gear to Squaw from Welke Airport in eight minutes – if the strip is opened. Island Airways could also run freight flights to the Island as needed. Ask Ed Wojan Realty to set up a meeting with Welke for details. See the Beaver Archipelago photo map above (blue) for the Welke Airport Location

There is a conservation easement covering approximately 20 acres along the Western and Southern shores of the Island to preserve the environmentally sensitive Heron rookery and the open west shore. Little Traverse Conservancy in Harbor Springs holds control of this area. The remaining 50 acres of the Island are yours to do with what you please- subject to Township zoning.

The Island is zoned A (Agriculture) under the St. James Township Zoning Ordinance. Any subdivision of the 50 acres or uses such as more homes, outbuildings, camps, etc. can be easily permitted. (All uses allowed in the A, R-1 & R-2 Districts of the Ordinance.) Open a seven-room, secluded, rustic, "arrive by your own craft", Summer Bed and Breakfast? Develop your own plan.

Ask Ed Wojan for details.

Buy your own Island with a large house ready to restore for only $1,500,000.00