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Adams – 32930 East Side Drive

Beaver Island, MI 49782 MLS #:467873

Adams - Lot 19 of Sand Bay (unrecorded)East Side Drive

This lot is on East Side Drive, just 300 feet south of the intersection of Tom McCauley's Road and East Side Drive. This 100' wide x 500' deep lakefront lot in the middle of Sand Bay has pure sand bottom beach out front. It has always had good sandy beach edge without vegetation like much of the Island has had in recent years. There is a home that was built by Tony Connaghan on Lot #20 immediately to the south. The driveway in from the road toward the shore on the adjacent property to the north is close to the north line of this Lot #19. The Jordan River crosses over the lot near its shore side with the mouth of the river emptying into Lake Michigan just northeast of this sandy beach lot. The river's mouth changes location from year to year. Sometimes it is a little to the north of Lot #19 and other times it is to the south. An owner needs to put a foot path bridge across the small river just as the owner of Lot #20 to the south has done. This lot has some open area in the middle of it and it is open from the edge of the tree line on the west river bank out to the shore of Lake Michigan. The lot is approved for a septic field area back near the road so if a new owner was to build out near the lake you might need a second water tank for what is called a "pumpback system" (most lots in tis area have those systems). This is the best buy of any lot on Sand Bay right now at $98,000.!

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