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Crown Home – 36834 Blue Spruce Road – SOLD 07/2021

Beaver Island, MI 49782 MLS #:461843

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Crown Home/Complex – 36834 Blue Spruce Road - SOLD 07/2021

Approximately 3000 sq. ft. home (three levels with about 1000 sq. ft. on each level) on the east side of Blue Spruce Rd. This big house is on the top of a high hill on 3 large Port St. James lots 932-934. The second level, which is the main part of the house, with the kitchen, dining and living room, etc. has a view of High Island and Trout Island to the west with a partial water view. The third floor level which has a large bedroom and bathroom, has a tremendous view of parts of Donegal Bay and all the waters from the southwest of High Island to Whiskey Island. The small tower, with a ships ladder to its top, above the third floor lever has an absolutely stunning view of all of Donegal Bay, the waters west of the Bay and the four Islands to the west and northwest, including Squaw Island. This home which was built in 1993 has a lot of steps up to the main structure and has just two bedrooms with two and a half baths. The third floor bedroom is so big that it could be modified to have a separated family room. This house has a tremendous amount of decks on all sides, on every level. At the part of the hill where the driveway comes up to the parking area, there is a garage with a studio apartment above it, with one bathroom. On the opposite (western) side of the parking lot is the owner’s workshop building; this building could be easily modified to become a very nice guest house. The landscaping near the two accessory structures and around the house has a lot of gardens and plantings. This is unusual layout but has tremendous appeal to some parties – especially younger people that do not mind using a lot of stairs. It was designed for one couple with a couple of extra bedrooms for guests. It could be modified to have more bedrooms, if so desired.

Broker, Ed Wojan thinks it would make a fantastic bed and breakfast. A lot of love and money was put into building this complex high on a hill.

The owner has reduced the price and it is now a FIRM & "AS IS" price of $295,000.