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Unit 3 – Kilty’s Point – SOLD 10/2020

Beaver Island MI 49782 MLS #:452145

195.69 feet of Lake Frontage - SOLD 10/2020

with 2 acres behind it (just north of the Perry Gatliff home on Kilty’s Point). This piece butts up against the southwest side of the Karl Erber Nature Preserve so from the building site on this Unit #3 you will never see another structure to your left; it means in addition to having almost 200 feet of your own frontage you have another 500 feet of fairly sandy beach frontage right beside your lot that is yours to use and enjoy.

The best building site on this unit is probably on a small plateau just inland from the north side of East Side Drive looking across the road and out at your beach frontage. (Many of the lakefront homes along East Side Drive are built this way.) Trying to build on the lake side of the road would really put your home too close to the road for comfort. You’d also have more room on the hardwoods plateau behind your home for garages, tool sheds, wood sheds, etc., closer to the house, and avoid putting a pumpback system in for your septic drainfield.

The owner has had Jim Wojan Excavating open up the center of the lake frontage for a good view of the lake from the home on the rise across the road. More trees can be removed and more trimming done if you want a wider, more panoramic view of the lake. At the asking price for this lot you would only be paying $302 per front foot; this is a lot less than most lake frontage has been selling for in recent years. The owner is eager to sell and is offering this parcel on a land contract with 15% down and at a 5% interest rate with a five year balloon. This Unit #3 is priced a lot lower than all of the units. Pick up almost 200' of lake frontage at a bargain of $58,900.