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Lot 601 Port St James #7

Beaver Island, MI 49782

Lot 601 of Port St. James Sub. #7

Large lot on the south side of Wandering Woods Ct. more or less in the middle of the northwest part of the Port St. James Subdivision. This large lot (approximately 9 acres in size) is a high hill with a trail up to the top of it that you can drive with a four-wheel drive vehicle to the building site. On top of this hill you can see Lake Michigan and sunsets to the west (from Indian Point to Donegal Bay), and also see sunrises and Beaver Harbor in the off-season when the leaves are off the trees. The south line of this large lot is the north line of the PSJ common area that is north of Donegal Bay Road (this common area is shown in lavender on the 2019 Wojan-Cashman Map of Beaver Island). Being near the very end of Wandering Woods Ct. there are only one or two lots that would have homes on them beyond the driveway up the hill on this lot. Although it would take a little more to build on the top of this hill, anyone who does will have one of the most spectacular cottage locations on Beaver Island. It’s also one of our “HOT BUYS” at an asking price of only