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Parcels 6 & 7 of the Green’s Family Acreage

Kings Highway, Beaver Island, MI 49782 MLS #:456645

Parcel 6 & 7 of the Green Family acreage parcels.

These are very pretty parcels with secluded building sites and a lot of features you do not find in other inland wooded acreage areas. Much of the area along Kings Highway on Parcels 6 & 7 are wetlands areas so the high ground of the pieces that is hardwoods covered upland areas are to the west side of the parcels. A new road called Russell’s Road comes off Kings Highway and provides an access to Parcels 6 & 7. Parcels 6 & 7 have their upland areas as solid woods. The wetland line on each parcel between upland and lowland areas has been clearly delineated and marked as a wetland line on the survey of the property. Feel free to drive in at the sign on Kings Highway and look around. Parcel 7 is mostly wetlands area- but it has a beautiful hardwoods upland building site in its southwest corner, so it would make a fantastic hunting camp location.

Parcel 6 $32,000. Parcel 7 $35,000.