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Parcel M 12.03 Acres (section 6 T37N R10W)

Luetzow Road, Beaver Island, MI 49782 MLS #:454573

12 Acre Parcel of the Elias-Luetzow 305 acre subdivision between Greene's Lake and Millers Marsh.

This parcel (M) is a hardwoods covered piece with its south line touching the 80 acres of state land that has an open area known as "The Big Field"; more than 1/2 of the south line of this parcel is open field with a continued view to the south across the big field on state land. The access to this 12 acres is off Luetzow Road that goes into acreage parcels at West Side Road just south of Greene's Lake. (See the Wojan-Cashman map showing Luetzow Road running from NW to SE to and beyond this parcel.) This piece not only has immediate access to state land but also the large Central Michigan University acreage and Millers Marsh research area. It's like having an extra 500 acres of land that is open to your use while you are only paying taxes on 12 acres. A driveway has already been mapped out through the parcel from its north end at Luetzow Road to the ideal building site near the south end of the parcel. This is a secluded site for a cabin in the woods or a cabin on a natural opening for the viewing of wild life. Because of its location and features this is a special offering of only PRICE REDUCED $19,900.